The Why & How of Joining TorIX
Interconnection Locations
Pricing & Cross-Connects

Joining TorIX

Membership is open to all organizations which have their own Autonomous System Number (ASN) and are capable of connecting to the Exchange at our Interconnect locations. The typical peer is an Internet or network services provider, content delivery or production network, telecommunications company, colocation, hosting or cloud provider, though overall membership includes a broad range of enterprise organizations, government and educational institutions. Peers have autonomous control over their routing policies at the Exchange, and may peer with as few or as many other members as desired. The Exchange does encourage use of the TorIX Route-Servers, which are used by over 75% of TorIX peers. Used in conjunction with effective routing policies, "eyeball network" peers such as ISP's, mobile operators and enterprises have seen 10% to 60% of their traffic shift from expensive and potentially slower Internet transit links over to TorIX.

There are numerous benefits to joining TorIX, including:
  • Better User Experience: Lower latency and more reliable traffic, plus shorter network distances between peers keeps latency & packet loss sensitive applications (and users) happy. Whether the application is VoIP, video streaming, gaming, cloud data access or financial transactions, lower latencies assure better experiences.

  • Security & Trust: Traffic is more likely to be kept "local", not crossing borders into different legal jurisdictions. Trust can often be quantified by examining the latency and pathing of network traffic. Peering with directly other organizations also improves confidence by eliminating 3rd parties with interests different from your own.

  • Financial: The cost per-megabit is substantially lower than IP transit. This is particularly important given the wide variety of content distribution networks at TorIX, including but not limited to Google, Akamai, Limelight Networks, Fastly, Microsoft and Facebook. For example, during major news or sporting events or software releases & updates, the content is usually delivered by CDN's at TorIX. TorIX peers will see that traffic over the Exchange rather than their transit links. Due to the low per-port cost at TorIX, peers can select a higher port-speed than normal traffic patterns require in order to handle such bursts of traffic, without incurring unexpected financial or performance costs which do occur with paid transit.
TorIX offers port speeds of GigabitEthernet (GE), Ten GigabitEthernet (10GE) and Hundred GigabitEthernet (100GE), using single-mode fibre and LR optics only. Identical-speed ports can be bonded together using Etherchannel or LACP. We also offers inexpensive sub-rate 10G ports, which is a 10G port but with the billing limitation that peers do not exceed one or four gigbits/sec average. This helps bridge the gap for those who have traffic that exceeds 1000mbps, and without the price point of a full-rate 10G port.

For those peers with multiple 10G ports, we recommend that moving to 100G when the number of 10G ports exceeds 3, as a single 100G port is less expensive than four bonded 10G ports.

Members are not required to have their own provider-independent IP addressing, but it is recommended. For those that do not and who wish to join the Exchange, organizations are required to provide a Letter of Authority from their Internet Service Provider permitting the applicant to advertise the ISP's IPv4 or IPv6 prefixes.

The longest IPv4 prefix size that TorIX will accept is a /24 (aka a "class c" network). If you do not have a /24 or larger to advertise, there is no point joining the IX as almost all members filter prefix announcements longer than that (eg. /25 through /32). For IPv6, the longest prefix size that is universally accepted is a /48. Prefixes longer than that (/49 - /128) are typically filtered by members. Apart from a single address on our V4 and V6 peering LAN's, TorIX does not and cannot provide IP addresses to peers.

Please remember: Organizations must have their own unique Autonomous System Number (ASN). Peering at TorIX without a unique ASN is not permitted.

Interconnect Locations

Organizations wishing to connect to TorIX can arrange colocation for their equipment with one of the many companies operating at 151 Front Street West, Equinix's TR2 facility or our other sites. Alternatively, you may use long-haul Ethernet transport through a third-party provider capable of physically connecting to the Exchange.

151 Front St. West, Toronto [core site]

Core Node locations [1G, 10G and 100G ports]: Cologix (Standard Connections) and Equinix TR1
Leaf Node locations [1G, 10G and 100G ports]: Neutral Data Centres (Suite 800/808)
Frontier Networks (Suite 824)
From everywhere else within 151 Front St. West: via the Building Meet-Me-Rooms (BMMR) to either Core Node (Cologix or Equinix TR1)

Equinix TR2, 45 Parliament St., Toronto [core site, 1G, 10G and 100G ports]

If you are not at any of the above sites, and it is not possible or economical to connect to the IX over a third-party transport provider WAN link, let us know where you are located. We are always interested to know where potential peers can be found, and if there is sufficient density at that location, we may be able to make the case to establish a presence there. E-mail our Peering team with the details, address at bottom of page.


Port Pricing (2018) [all pricing in Canadian dollars]

Port Type One-Time Setup Fee Rate-Amount Total Annual Amount*
Gigabit port (1x GE)
$500 $83/month $1,000
Single 10GE port w/ traffic less than 1gbps 95th % avg. (1x 10GE-1G sub-rate) $500 $83/month $1,000
Single 10GE port w/ traffic less than 4gbps 95th % avg. (1x 10GE-4G sub-rate) $500 $167/month $2,000
Single 10GE port (1x 10GE full-rate) $500 $708/month $8,500
Dual bonded 10GE ports (2x 10GE) $2,000/per port
$729/month/port $17,500
Triple bonded 10GE ports (3x 10GE) $1,250/per port
$708/month/port $25,500
Quad bonded 10GE ports (4x 10GE) $1,250/per port
$687/month/port $33,000
100GE port (1x 100GE) $5,000 $2,666/month $32,000
* All billing based on annual amount (January through December), except where pro-rated or specially arranged.

Cross-Connect Charges

Cross-connect charges will likely apply and are paid by the peer.

Within 151 Front St. W., for those connecting in a suite with a TorIX node, there will be a charge by the colocation provider. For those not in-suite, there will be a fiber cross-connect charge by TorIX to the building meet-me-room (BMMR) and likely a charge by your colocation or transport provider for the second-half of the fiber from their suite to the building meet-me-room, where the two fiber paths connect.

For those within Equinix's TR2 facility, TorIX will provide a letter of authorization (LOA) which peers must provide when ordering the cross-connect to our equipment there. Please contact us to learn more.

Application Process

Interested in becoming a peer at TorIX? Please download and complete our application, then send it to peering [at] along with a purchase order (PO) number. Typically the process can take up to 2 weeks if MMR cross-connects are required. [text file]

Once your interconnection is complete you will be provided with IPv4 and IPv6 peering addresses, as well as access to resources which easily allow you to develop & coordinate peering relationships with other members of the IX.